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Countdown to the Book Launch Party


Last night after taking invitations to our neighbors, I realized in a week I would be greeting old and new friends, signing books and listening to my husband’s band. I’m not quite ready yet, so the idea was a little frightening.

We had a crisis this week. It was more of a crisis for Bob, who tore his quadricep muscle and had to have surgery. My part of the crisis was that it looked like the live music for the party would not happen. Bob is central to the band and no one could conceive of doing the music without him. But my friend Tracy suggested a substitute and got me in touch with him, and the other band members opened up and decided to try it. Craig is a great musician, and very gracious. My husband is excited about getting to know another musician in the area. And I am so glad that my favorite part of the party can still happen. Thank you, Tracy and Craig!