No, I don’t have a bat signal                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               (or cat signal),                                                                                          bat signal 2

but you can reach me by email at         


I’m available for speaking at schools, libraries, conferences, etc.

Below are my standard presentations and fees for 2016. Negotiation always considered.

School presentation possibilities:

 What Makes It Sing: The Craft and Structure of Literature

Using examples in my published works, I explore point of view, structural elements of poetry, figurative language and alliteration.

 Moving Beyond the Good Rejection: My Road to Becoming an Author

A long road including education, rejection, persistence, poetry, sign language, dragons and cats.

Good Is Not Good Enough: The Importance of Revision

A picture book that began as a poem for adults, another picture book that went through dozens of revisions and 60 rejections, a novel that began as a picture book manuscript until editors urged it into 300 pages…. Your first draft is called that for a reason.

Library presentation:

For a story time of Goodnight, Dragons, a half-hour program including dragon songs, a reading by the author and a coloring page.

Usual Fees:


One presentation: $250

Half-day fee (two presentations): $400

Full-day fee for schools within a three-hour range (three presentations): $500

*plus travel expenses:

$.55/mile for schools outside the Elkhart area, possible hotel room

Full-day fee for schools outside of the three-hour range (three or four presentations): $600

*plus travel expenses: airfare, hotel, meals


 $125 for a storytime/author presentation

plus travel expenses (see under schools)


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  1. Judith,
    I mentiioned your website on my niece’s facebook wall, Linda Ward of St. Louis, Michigan. She is one of those people that you want to tell something good to because one knows that she will tell others. And on my Facebook wall as well.
    Julie walters on Facebook

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