Middle-grade novel-in-verse from Viking, Serendipity and Me (2013)

“All Sara needs is something to hold on to…”  -from the back cover

“…The verse form makes every word important, and Roth skillfully uses figurative language, poetry, and familiar literary works. This is a compassionately told tale, reminiscent in tone of Katherine Paterson’s Bridge to Terabithia (HarperCollins, 1977) and Cynthia Rylant’s Missing May (Orchard, 1991).”  -Renee Steinberg                              -from SLJ

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Goodnight, Dragons (Disney*Hyperion, 2012; board book version, 2015)

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“Everyone needs a cuddle. Maybe dragons more than most.

These fire breathers are no match for the daring dragon tamer who arrives at bedtime to put them to sleep. Destined to become a classic bedtime story, Goodnight, Dragons is as warm and comforting as a steaming mug of hot cocoa.”     -from the publishers
ISBN # 978-1423141907

Julia’s Words (Herald Press, 2009)

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*available only for shipping in the U.S.

Christina, who can hear, meets Julia, a deaf girl, at a coastal campground. As she spends time with Julia, Christina gets a glimpse of what it might be like to be deaf. She also finds out there’s more than one way to communicate, and that friendship is deeper than sound.

“With her poet’s eye and her compassionate heart, Roth tells a story of friendship that turns the barrier of difference into an opportunity for growth. Through their efforts to understand each other, Christina, who can hear, and Julia, who can’t, become friends forever and learn about themselves and the world.”

George Ella Lyon, author of The Pirate of Kindergarten and My Friend, the Starfinder

ISBN # 978-0-8361-9417-3

Cups Held Out (Herald Press, 2006)

Can be signed personally


*available only for shipping in the U.S.

A young girl and her father cross the border into Mexico where the child encounters poverty for the first time. Together they ponder the question, “What can we do about poor people?” Should they put money into every outstretched cup? Will buying a blanket make a difference? What about that shiny bike back home? There are no pat solutions to the problem of poverty, but there is value in asking the question and searching for personal answers. This book opens discussion for parents and children on responsibility toward the poor of the world

“For every parent who wants his or her children to become more aware of and concerned about people with needs that surround us in every country and city, this book helps kids think beyond just giving a handout to look at how such awareness helps us be more content with what we have. There are no gadgets or patterns that come with this book, unless it is the pattern we as parents want to model for our children.”

–Third Way Media

ISBN # 0-8361-9316-4

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  1. u only have 4 books!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have a book report and im doing it on serendipity and me and we need to tell 5 other books the author had and i only have 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I’m so happy I get to thank you personally for your wonderful “Goodnight, Dragons” book. I’ve been reading it to my 12-month-old son every night before he goes to bed for months now. At night, I usually give him a choice of books he’d like me to read, and he always chooses yours! “Goodnight, Dragons” is absolutely charming and playful, so fun to read, and I thank you, Judith!

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