Serendipity Sequel?


Some readers in the past have asked me to write a sequel to Serendipity and Me. I didn’t say no, but I didn’t say yes, either. Until recently, I didn’t feel any compulsion to write a sequel.

Now, suddenly, I do. I don’t know why or where it came from. I think I just woke up one morning and went, “Oh, that’s what happens next.” And because it’s a story with characters that I love, they are goading me forward. They are telling me, “This is our story. Make sure you write it down.” And so I’ve started.

The kitten that arrived after Serendipity was already written is making writing easier. She is such a wild, weird creature that there’s all sorts of new cat material to incorporate into this manuscript.


When will I be a media star?

I don’t know how many of her antics I’ll use, but I’m happy for the inspiration.



What? You said you needed inspiration….


About Judith L. Roth

When I was about ten, it occurred to me that books are written by people and I was a person. I could create my favorite things–I could write books! I got a B.A. in English. My first poem was accepted for publication before I graduated. I had some success with poetry, but my real dream was to write fiction for children. My first fiction piece was accepted about 25 years after the first submission. Things you might want to know about me: I know how to persevere. I’m a third-generation California native, living in Indiana. I have two remarkable sons who are now young men,and a husband who’s supported my writing for over three decades. I love cats and currently have three of them. I love being near water–oceans, lakes, rivers all work for me. Chocolate is probably my biggest downfall. I’m exceptionally curious. (Or nosy, as my family calls it.)

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  1. Judith, this is great! I look forward to reading it! Characters talk to me, too. Years ago I wrote a chapter book about one of my cats and sent the MS to a children’s publisher. You know how you are suppose to mention a book that the publisher published? I mentioned a chapter book that was told from a dog’s point of view, which inspired me. The editor said, my MS had good voice, but it’s concept was too similar to the dog book that they had on their list. My MS was a whole different concept than the dog book. The only similarity was my MS was told from my cat’s point of view as the dog told his story. I’ve often wondered if I hadn’t mentioned the dog book, if she would have not rejected my MS.

    Of course, now there are so many great cat characters in children’s’ books: Bad Kitty, Pete the Cat, Splat and the cat in your Serendipity… I think there can never be too many stories about cats because they are all unique and the story can be told in different ways. Maybe I should revise and try again with my MS. what do you think?

    And you have started one! I think starting can sometimes be the most difficult part. Keep listening to your characters! Write, revise, write, revise!

    I just had to push my cat away from the computer screen so I could see what I had written.

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