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Kitten update


It’s time to continue the kitten saga….

I got lucky–the college boy didn’t take the new kitten away. He did name her, however. He didn’t like “Skitters,” but he found a name that was close enough in sound to match the skitteriness of this kitty, and it’s literary. Katniss.

Am I not adorable?

Am I not adorable?

She’s also called Rumba because when she was smaller she’d get in every possible tiny place (including scary basement ones) and come out with spiderwebs on her whiskers. She doesn’t fit in as many spaces anymore.

Yes, I got up here all by myself. I've got ups.

Yes, I got up here all by myself. I’ve got ups.

The cornfield boys have gotten more than used to her–they might think she’s a diversion we got just for their amusement. It’s not unusual to see them staring wide-eyed as she gets up to her antics…things they never thought of (like digging for treasure in the porcelain sink or jumping up six feet to cling to the curtains), or things they know they can’t get away with (like traversing all the surfaces that might hold food in the kitchen or demanding to sleep under our covers with us).

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of her doing her wild stuff. She moves too fast. But here is proof that she’s in with the boys.

It's okay if I hang out with you guys, right?

It’s okay if I hang out with you guys, right?

katniss and max


Thoughts about contentment


So, this is where I was a couple of weeks ago….In my hometown….


And this below is where I am now….In my adopted town….Where the trees are up to their armpits in snow.


Just so you know–I’m not one of those people who can’t wait for the snow to fall so they can hit the slopes. I’m one of those people who would prefer to see snow in someone’s phone pictures while I’m walking on the beach. Just so you know.

It’s been a very long, cold winter already. And it’s gotten me to thinking about being content where you are. This is not a lesson I’ve learned yet. Maybe because I can see the other side of the argument (as usual). Because if you are content where you are, you might never get up off the couch. So there’s something to be said for discontentment.

Right, Murray?



But right now I’m in a place I’ve chosen to be. And if the circumstances aren’t what I’d put on my wish list for a perfect day, there’s plenty to be happy about. Like that face up there. And this beautiful bird and view out my window.


And the fact that I’m in here, looking out.

Instead of out there, looking in.

Yeah. That’s a big one.