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Writing while traveling…or not


So I thought I could mix traveling with writing, but mostly I could not. I had some insights into a possible new novel. And I had a fresh look at a picture book on Venice. And I took an art lesson in Venice which stretched my creativity. But as for the act of putting words to paper, not so much. While I did have a lot of time to myself for the first few days, I was mostly struggling through jet lag and loneliness. I learned something about myself–I don’t like traveling without a companion. (Fortunately my sister joined me on the third day.)

The plus side–filling the well. Even when travel is difficult, a person would be hard put to avoid experiencing new things. And when you go where there are so many beautiful and amazing views and differences, the creative well is filled quickly and completely. This downpour should last for a long while.

Over northern Italy

Over northern Italy

PICT3446 PICT3486 PICT3520 PICT3535 PICT3538 PICT3542 PICT3552 PICT3566 PICT3583

Burano, Athens, Oia (Santorini), Dubrovnik, then ending where I began in Venice.