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How to mix travel with fiction writing


I have an opportunity to travel to Italy and Greece next month. My soul is filled with joy! But it’s also leaking a bit of guilt because my husband can’t come with me. He has to stay home and work. Our last two big trips were to Italy and I feel like a bit of a traitor going off to our holiday stomping grounds without him.Do I look sufficiently sorrowful?

Some voice within said, “If you are also working, maybe you won’t feel so bad.” Of course! I could use my trip as research for a new novel that I would soon be writing. A novel plot I just thought of. Just now.  And all will be well.

Which seems like a really calculated, uninspired kind of thing to do to one’s fiction life.

However. I will be going back to Venice. Where there is literally inspiration around every corner….So….

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