Serendipity model cat


It won’t be long until I can share the finalized cover of Serendipity and Me. I still haven’t seen it myself–only previews. The glimpse of the girl has changed from being brunette to being blonde in order to match the protagonist’s hair color. The kitten’s eyes are now green and blue to match Serendipity’s eyes. The kitten itself doesn’t look exactly like the cat that inspired me to have a white Serendipity, but it is so cute that it hardly matters.

And now I’d like to introduce you to that first white kitty. Her name was Jasmine. We thought she was half-grown when we first got her from a rescuer (she’d been surviving in a field), but she never got bigger.

Our two boys look huge compared to Jasmine.

We think now she was probably in her twenties when she finally died a couple of years ago. Jasmine was a sweetie-pie. She loved to be held like a baby. She was a floppy cat, very relaxed in our arms.  Jasmine wanted to please everyone. Sometimes we called Jasmine “Foghorn Leghorn” because she had a loud raucous meow. It was out of character to her otherwise demure behavior. As she got older, her appearance was not as fluffy or clean–aging is tough on us all. But she remained sweet. I hope the book will be a fitting tribute to her.

Jasmine in her dotage


About Judith L. Roth

When I was about ten, it occurred to me that books are written by people and I was a person. I could create my favorite things–I could write books! I got a B.A. in English. My first poem was accepted for publication before I graduated. I had some success with poetry, but my real dream was to write fiction for children. My first fiction piece was accepted about 25 years after the first submission. Things you might want to know about me: I know how to persevere. I’m a third-generation California native, living in Indiana. I have two remarkable sons who are now young men,and a husband who’s supported my writing for over three decades. I love cats and currently have three of them. I love being near water–oceans, lakes, rivers all work for me. Chocolate is probably my biggest downfall. I’m exceptionally curious. (Or nosy, as my family calls it.)

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