Take a Leap, Win a Free Book


Now that my website is up and running, I want people to know about it. You can help me by mentioning the website and this giveaway somewhere on the web. In return, I’ll put your name in a mixing bowl. (I’m not much of a hat person.) On leap day, I’ll draw two names. One winner will receive a personalized copy of Cups Held Out, the other will win a personalized copy of Julia’s Words.

To get your name in the mixing bowl, simply write in the comment box  where you mentioned my website and giveaway. Make sure you let me know where I can reach you. Thanks for playing!

Get your name in the bowl


About Judith L. Roth

When I was about ten, it occurred to me that books are written by people and I was a person. I could create my favorite things–I could write books! I got a B.A. in English. My first poem was accepted for publication before I graduated. I had some success with poetry, but my real dream was to write fiction for children. My first fiction piece was accepted about 25 years after the first submission. Things you might want to know about me: I know how to persevere. I’m a third-generation California native, living in Indiana. I have two remarkable sons who are now young men,and a husband who’s supported my writing for over three decades. I love cats and currently have three of them. I love being near water–oceans, lakes, rivers all work for me. Chocolate is probably my biggest downfall. I’m exceptionally curious. (Or nosy, as my family calls it.)

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