The Writing Window


I’m a roaming writer. If it’s summertime, I’ll write on the enclosed porch where there’s the most light. If I have to reorganize a novel, I’ll write in the living room with papers spread out all over the floor. If I have time at work, I’ll open a notebook and start. But the place where I spend most of my time writing these days is upstairs in the computer room. Because now I have a writing window.

The computer room used to have one long window looking out on the river. It was not uncommon to find me seated before the computer but leaning the other way, trying to see out the window. I needed a view. I needed the serenity and beauty of the flowing river to fill my writing soul.

We talked about putting in more windows. Then the windows appeared on a trip to the home store. Returns at a third of the price. They called to us and we answered. Now we have a bank of three windows on that wall, letting in glorious light. But my favorite window is the one I sit in front of while I’m writing. A slight shift of my eyes to the left, and there’s my river, filling me up.


About Judith L. Roth

When I was about ten, it occurred to me that books are written by people and I was a person. I could create my favorite things–I could write books! I got a B.A. in English. My first poem was accepted for publication before I graduated. I had some success with poetry, but my real dream was to write fiction for children. My first fiction piece was accepted about 25 years after the first submission. Things you might want to know about me: I know how to persevere. I’m a third-generation California native, living in Indiana. I have two remarkable sons who are now young men,and a husband who’s supported my writing for over three decades. I love cats and currently have three of them. I love being near water–oceans, lakes, rivers all work for me. Chocolate is probably my biggest downfall. I’m exceptionally curious. (Or nosy, as my family calls it.)

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